Windows Gaim

Grab the latest Windows build (v1.5.0), or if you already have GTK+ v2.6.10 rev a installed grab Windows Gaim without GTK+.

For the latest Windows Gaim specific changes, see ChangeLog.win32. It includes information on GTK+ changes/fixes affecting Windows Gaim.

Windows Gaim users/developers are encouraged to congregate in #wingaim on

NOTE: Those who currently use HOME and LANG environmental variables to set Gaim's settings path and language, will need to use GAIMHOME and GAIMLANG as of version 1.1.0.


Windows Gaim FAQ

Major Windows Gaim Bugs and Workarounds

Standalone GTK+ Installer


Check ChangeLog.win32 for the changes in this GTK+ revision.

Unattended Installations

As of 0.73, unattended installations are possible. Simply do the following:

gaim-1.5.0.exe /L=1033 /S /D=C:\Gaim

Make sure to leave the /D flag for last. The /L flag sets the language (Windows LCID) used by the uninstaller, as well as Gaim itself. You may omit both the /L and /D flags and use the defaults which are 1033 (English) and C:\Program Files\Gaim respectively. The same applies to non-gtk versions. If you need to specify the GTK+ install path (Default is C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0), then download the latest GTK+ installer from above, and do the following:

gtk-runtime-2.6.10-rev-a.exe /L=1033 /S /NOUI /D=C:\GTK+
gaim-1.5.0-no-gtk.exe /L=1033 /S /D=C:\Gaim

The GTK+ installer has two silent states. One with message boxes: /S, and one without: /S /NOUI. The reason for this is that the installer was made to run from within the Gaim installer where you would expect to see message boxes for errors.

Gaim Spell Checking

Aspell and Aspell dictionary installers

I will no longer support the aspell and aspell dict installers that I had previously posted here. From now on, Gaim will use the win32 aspell distribution from To make use of Win Gaim's spell check feature you will need to download and install the aspell installer and at least one language dictionary. If you choose not to install Aspell, Gaim will still work. Gaim will also work with Aspell from previous Gaim installations.

Note: Don't forget to turn on spell checking in preferences.

Perl Plugin Support

To enable Perl Plugins in Win Gaim, you need to download and install ActivePerl 5.8, before installing Gaim (v0.69 and higher). If Gaim complains about not finding perl58.dll, add the Perl bin dirctory to your PATH.

TCL Plugin Support

To enable TCL Plugins in Win Gaim, you need to download and install ActiveTCL Unlike Perl, you may install TCL after Gaim has been installed.

Debugging Windows Gaim

What to do if Gaim crashes

First make sure that you are not affected by 'Dll Hell' as described above. Download and install the debug version of WinGaim 1.5.0. The next time you run Gaim and it crashes, the call stack will be dumped to gaim.RPT in your Gaim install dir. When submitting a bug report, give a detailed description on how to produce your bug and attach the most recent crash dump from your gaim.RPT file.

Running Windows Gaim From a USB Drive

It is relatively easy to set up Gaim to run from a USB Drive. Most of Gaim is very good about not assuming that it is installed; a slightly customized launcher makes it all come together nicely.

The way that this is set up, other GTK+ applications can use the same GTK+ runtime.


How to setup your USB-Drive Gaim