Portable Applications

An exciting concept

We have collected here, current at the beginning of April 2009, the informative pages of the website of the pioneer of "portable" applications for use on personal computers.

What is a portable app? Simply one (or more) which when started, do not require configuration and other files on the host computer, and when closed down, don't leave a vestige of their presence there. .

This section of the site is in effect a mirror, and is divided into subdirectories...

Original site location is at www.portableapps.com


How to use


Apps being developed and/or tested

Information and downloads are in their own (seperate) directories:


Applications I have adapted and tested and found work nicely include...

ArcSoft PhotoBase and PhotoStudio, and OminPagePro OCR software as bundled with the Cannon USB scanner, EmailStripper, PaintShopPro ver3 image manipulating program and its file browser, RegClean and RegCleanr registry clean-up tools, TightVNC server and viewer, and RealVNC viewer, and a bunch of applications that didn't work in portable mode :)


Apache Web Server


last updated 9th June 2009